FEP Material

FEP material or FEP is called Fluorinated ethylene propylene, which is a kind of chemical substance and a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene, whose crystal melting point is 304℃, density is 2.15g/CC (grams/cubic centimeter), which can be applied to soft plastics, and its tensile strength, wear-resistance, and creep resistance are lower than many engineering plastics. It is chemically inert and has a low dielectric constant (2.1) over a wide temperature and frequency range.

StargetFluoro FEP products now include Pellet and Dispersion.

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene resin is the copolymer of TFE and HFP, with good thermal stability, outstanding chemical  nertness, good electrical insulation, and lowcoefficient of friction, enabling thermoplastic processing methods.

FEP material FEP Pellets 611 - StargetFluoro


The processing temperature should not exceed 420°C, to prevent toxic gas fromreleasing.

Packaging, Transportation and Storage

1. Packed in double layer PVC bags, then closed to overpack bags, 25Kg. Every bag withcertification;
2. Stored in clean, cool and dry places, avoid contamination from foreign substance suchasdust and moisture;
3. Nontoxic, noninflammable, inexplosive, no corrosion, the product is transported according to non-dangerous product.

FEP Dispersion Emulsion 603 - StargetFluoro


It can be used for coating, impregnation. It is also suitable for the processing of many products, including heat-resistant PTFE impregnated fiber surface coating, printed circuit board, electrical insulating material, injection molding film, chemical isolation material, and melting adhesive for PTFE and FEP connection.

The liquid also can be used for modulation of the underlying substrate metal coating, andfor the production of glass cloth composite antifouling coating, and polymide compositeas high insulation membrane. Thereinto, 603C is mainly used for the coating of single-sidefilm.

Packaging, Transport and Storage

1. It should be packaged in plastic drum, and then loaded in outer packing hard carton. Eachdrumhas net weight of 25kg;
2. It should be stored in a 5 ~ 30℃, clean anddry environment;
3. It is transported according to non-dangerous goods, and should avoid heat, dampor strenuous vibration during transport.