FKM Material

FKM material fluororubber (fluororubber) refers to a synthetic polymer elastomer containing fluorine atoms on the carbon atoms of the main chain or side chain. The introduction of fluorine atoms gives rubber excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and atmospheric aging resistance. FKM has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, automobiles, petroleum and household appliances, and other fields, and is the cutting edge of national defense key materials that cannot be replaced in industry.

Since 1943, FKM has successfully developed polyolefin fluorine rubber, nitroso fluorine rubber, tetrapropylene fluorine rubber, phosphazene fluorine rubber, and perfluoroether rubber.

FKM Cautions

1. Raw fluorous rubber has good heat stability under 260℃. It will generate trace decompositionif being put at 260 ~ 300℃ for a long time, and its decomposing speed accelerates at above 320℃, and decomposition products are mainly toxic hydrogen fluoride and fluorocarbon organic compound. When raw fluorous rubber encounters fire, it will release toxic hydrogen fluoride andfluorocarbon organic compound.
2. Fluorous rubber cannot be mixed with metal powder such as aluminum powder and magnesiumpowder, or over 10% amine compound, if that so, it will seriously damage the mixer and operator due to temperature rise and drastic reaction of partial elements and fluorous rubber during mixing.

FKM Packaging, Transport and Storage

1. Fluorous rubber is packed in PE plastic bags in the form of film, and then loaded into cartons, and each carton has net weight of 20kg.
2. Fluorous rubber is stored in clean, dry and cool warehouse. It is transported according to non-hazardous chemicals, and should keep away from pollution source, sunshine and water duringtransportation.
3. FKM product has one year of shelf time since the date of production, and can be reinspected according to our company standard if exceeding the shelf time and used if meeting requirements.