PFPE immersion cooling fluid

Single-phase submerged data center coolant can replace the traditional heat dissipation of the data center as a place for computing, storage, and information exchange, ensuring long-term stable and efficient operation of IT devices and reducing data center power consumption.

Features /
Excellent thermal and chemical stability Low vapor pressure
Good thermal conductivity Environmentally safe
Non-reactive with metal, plastic, elastomers and rubber Low viscosity
High dielectric strength Non-toxic
No flash or fire points
Appearance and odor Nocolor & Clear
Flash point(open)/℃≥ None
Ignition point/℃ None
Auto-ignition point/℃ None
Thermal decomposition temperature/℃ 300
Boiling point/℃≥ 130
Neutralization number(KOH)/(mg/g)≤ 0.03
Kinematic viscosity(40℃)/(mm²/S)≤ 6
Solubility of water/%≤ 0.005
Density/(g/cm³)≤ 1.85
Dielectricstrength/kV(2.54mm)> 40
Volume resistivity/(Ω ·cm)≥ 1×10¹⁵
Dielectric dissipationfactor/%< 0.05
Dielectric constant(10kHz)≤ 2
Specific heat/(J/Kg ·K)> 960
Thermalconductivity/(W/m ·K)> 0.065
Thermalexpansion coefficient/℃﹣¹≥ 0.0011
Pour point/℃≤ -45